The Election Was A Good Night For Republicans — Even Without Trump

Election Day saw incumbent Donald Trump lose the presidential election. And while he believes he deserved to win, it’s very unlikely—if not impossible—for him to flip nearly 300,000 votes across three states to overturn the election results.

However, Nov. 3 was still a great night for the Republican Party. Here is a preview of what’s to come next in the United States Congress:

The Senate 


Republicans have a 50-seat hold in the Senate while Democrats only have 46. Two seats are still up for grabs in Georgia and it seems likely they will stay in the Republican column and give the party a 52-seat majority. 

The GOP is holding down seats in Kentucky, Maine and South Carolina—they were easy to get for the Republican candidates, even though polls called them competitive. This shows that the Democrats’ messages to defund the police and get Medicare For All were not a successful strategy to take control of the Senate. 

But Republicans must keep up the fight for those two seats in Georgia so Biden doesn’t have a blank check to pass his policies. The good news is that it’s looking good for the party. 

The House Of Representatives 

Republicans also had a good night at the House of Representatives. Even though Democrats maintained control of the House, their previous majority got smaller as they lost six seats—and it could get smaller as more races are called. Races are still being called but as of right now, Democrats have 219 seats and Republicans 203. 

This election cycle also saw no Republican incumbent lose their seat in the House. That is a good sign for the 2022 midterm elections. Historically, midterms go well for the party that is not in the White House so that gives the Republicans a good chance to win back the House. 

They also reached a record within their party by electing 26 Republican women to the House as of today, where 15 of them were non-incumbent. As President Trump put it, this was the “year of the Republican woman.” 

Despite losing the presidency, this was an election that went well for the Republican party. Not only did the election bring benefits for this term but it positioned itself so there could be more Republican gains in the next election.