Reflecting Upon The Presidential Election Results

Before everyone starts to attack me let me just say that yes, I am a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Everyone should see Donald J. Trump winning the election as a lesson. This lesson is that going out to vote really matters, as it is a way to find an advocate for solutions to the many problems in the country including religion intolerance, xenophobia and homophobia. Many of us deny ourselves to see this.

Hopeless, angry, and scared are words that can’t begin to describe how I felt after seeing the election results. All I can say, though, is that after talking to some friends, who were also fearful about their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones, I realized that Trump actually might be the change that this country needs.

After winning a campaign based on hate and violence toward people’s religion, sexuality, and ethnicity, Trump showed to the whole world that, sadly, America isn’t as free as it may look. It is still divided, and it goes against its constitution (such as the 1st amendment).

Also, this election goes to prove that the fight for equal rights will not be over anytime soon. Minority groups are not as important as they seem, ecology is not important at all, and that, no, we are still not ready to have our first female president—even after having 56 men running our country.

Is the electoral college to blame, though? Sadly, going against the electoral college is equivalent to going against the constitution.

The electoral college was established in the constitution in 1787, and as weird as it may sound, it balances the votes between big and small states relating to its population; this allows the power to be shared equally.

While Clinton won the popular vote with more than a million votes, the electoral college gave Trump the presidency because he won key states such as Florida and Ohio, and these areas states were crucial to the Obama election in 2008. Similar events occurred in 2000 election (Al Gore and Bush) and in previous years, too.

However, as we can see, the next four years weren’t what we all expected. All we can do now, unfortunately (or not) is accept Trump as our new president, where we hope for an amazing government with all the necessary changes that this country needs and gives to its people, including better foreign relations with powerful countries such as Russia, and opportunities such as equal education, free right of choice to everyone in this country, etc.

As for many who fall into the minority group category, we must unify ourselves as one voice and keep fighting for our rights because, in the end, we are the ones who  are going to make America great again.