North Campus Student Creates Phileo Clothing Line

As an elementary school boy, Philipp Cheron always found himself fascinated by fashion.

The importance of knowing how to present himself was instilled in Cheron by his uncle, who helped raise him. However, it wasn’t until he went through a tough break-up that the twenty-two year old picked up fashion as more than a hobby.

“To me fashion means coming out with your own look. Your own creativity. Your passion,” Cheron said. “Just something that can influence others. It’s not only about clothes because anyone can dress. It’s more mental and it’s a learning process. It’s about showing people your creativity and how you express it through what you wear and how you inspire others.”

Cheron started his fashion career modeling for a friend’s clothing brand. But it wasn’t until he dealt with a broken heart that Cheron used his fashion sense to get through the pain. In July of 2015, Cheron created his own clothing brand, Phileo.

“Phileo is more than just a design and a word itself. It is a concept revolving around love,” Cheron says in a blurb on his clothing lines website. “Phileo is a Greek word meaning one love. I added my own twist to its meaning. The ‘X’ symbolizes pain throughout whatever relationship is being brought to the table. Whereas the compass that surrounds the ‘X’ signifies that there is no need to search for love because love will find you.”

Dedicated to bring his dreams to reality, Cheron released a T-shirt and hat line. The items cost $20 each. After having people model the items and promoting via social media, his brand gained more attention. People loved it.

Receiving nothing but positive feedback, Cheron, a North Campus student, took control of his future and changed his major to business administration.

The entrepreneur is currently working on his next collection, which will include shorts, windbreakers and jackets. He hopes to release the new collection by summer of 2016.

“I see myself opening up a clothing store or a boutique,” Cheron said. “I want to work with other designers and have celebrities wear my stuff. I just want the world to know what Phileo is and what it means to me. It’s all about helping and inspiring others along the way.”

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Nareemah Griffiths

Nareemah Griffiths, 19, is a mass communications/journalism major at North Campus. Griffiths, who graduated from the Miami Lakes Educational Center in 2014, will serve as a&e editor for The Reporter during the 2015-2016 year. She aspires to become a broadcast journalist and radio personality.