Bored Of Books? Rent Video Games

Miami Dade College students can now rent their favorite video games from the libraries at the Kendall and Hialeah campuses.

The service was first implemented in October at Hialeah Campus and this past January at Kendall Campus.  

“One of the goals that libraries have always strived to achieve is meeting the demands and needs of individuals who visit the library,” said Kendall Campus library associate instructor Edward Velez, who helped implement the program at his campus. “I was looking at the library’s collection one day and asked the director of the library if we could get a couple of games and more comics, manga and graphic novels for the library.”

Kendall Campus previously offered films on DVD and Hialeah Campus offered board games and card games. The program is an attempt to add more entertainment to the libraries’ catalogue.

“The director agreed and we decided to do a pilot study and see what the reaction was going to be with visitors who came to the library and are given the opportunity to check out items they may not have typically seen in the past at the library,” Velez said.

The testing and feedback worked, as visitors to the library have praised the additions to the catalogue.

“For students stressed by exams, these video games provided a cathartic escape,” Samantha Duran, a 20-year-old literature major at Kendall Campus, said. She also believes the art and game design students will benefit by studying 3D models.

So far, the libraries carry more than a dozen games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii. The games range from 2017’s massively successful The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to 2016’s popular Overwatch.

At the Hialeah Campus library, students can also play on consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch and Wii. The library plans to have the Playstation 4 and Xbox One available next fall.

Velez hopes to add more games in the future, using the feedback from students.  

“We have about a dozen games currently, but we’re continually adding to the collection and taking suggestions from students for different titles we may not have at the moment,” Velez said.

Students can voice their opinions at a suggestion box located in the library at Kendall Campus, as well as directly speaking to a librarian.

“I think this is something that is very important for libraries,” said Angel Hernandez, an associate instructor for learning resources at Hialeah Campus. “They’ve gone through changes over the years. We do a lot more things now. We’re more than a library.”

Video games have always played a large part of Velez’s life. He believes it’s important for students to play them to relax in between studies.

“I grew up playing video games,” Velez said. “I feel that having video games at MDC gives a person the chance to take a break from their studies. I believe it helps promote good mental health and creativity and literacy in general by allowing people to take part in recreational activities, while at school and at home, that they enjoy doing.”

For more information, students can visit the Kendall Campus library in building 2 or the Hialeah Campus library in building 1.

Ciro Salcedo

Ciro Salcedo, 19, is a mass communications major at Kendall Campus. Salcedo, a 2016 graduate of Felix Varela Senior High School, will serve as A/E editor for The Reporter during the 2017-2018 school year. He aspires to become a screenwriter or filmmaker.