You Will Not See The Invisible Man Coming

The Invisible Man is a horror-thriller directed by Leigh Whannell with plenty of twists and a fresh take on H.G. Wells’ classic. 

The movie debuted on Feb. 28 and has gained praise for its execution. The Invisible Man stays true to the idea that horror movies are best when they’re mysterious. 

The film follows Cecilia Kass (played by Elizabeth Moss), who is the victim of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her billionaire optical tech husband, Adrian. The movie starts with a nail biting, edge-of-your-seat scene where Cecilia escapes her lavish home, but the film gives the impression it will not be the last time we see Adrian.

It continues two weeks later when Cecilia is living with James and his daughter Sydney—a close friend of her and Emily. While adjusting to her new life, Cecilia finds it difficult not to succumb to the paranoia that Adrian will one day come looking for. That fear becomes evident when she’s startled by a jogger while retrieving her mail, which forced her to run inside the house. 

We later learn that Adrian committed suicide, making Cecilia the sole inheritor of his massive fortune. We’re led to believe that she escaped his abusive grasp. 

Cecilia’s happiness ends when she suspects that she’s being haunted by something she can’t see. A fire breaks out while she’s cooking, and she’s later attacked by an invisible force. She suspects Adrian is behind the attacks, and that his death was a hoax. 

The tension builds around an invisible entity not shown on screen, which makes the audience question whether it is real or a result of Cecilia’s delusions. 

Although the film had potential to be cheesy, Leigh Whannell shows how the invisible force has affected Cecilia’s relationships. 

The movie is well-paced, and chronicles the story of a victim that develops the confidence to fight back. It’s framed to show Cecilia’s perspective while everyone around her believes she’s crazy. 

Although the film is a brilliant underdog story, it has a few plot holes, but the audience walks away victorious. 

The Invisible Man allows everyone to learn something different and allows the viewer’s imagination to run wild. It’s a worthy watch and sets the bar high for future horror movies in 2020.