Women’s Basketball Fight Their Way Into States

Playing during a game.
DRIVING PAST: Lady Sharks forward Smiljana Cuk drives against an opponent from Indian River Community College. The Lady Sharks lost their regular season closer, 79-63, on Feb. 19, at Kendall Campus, but will extend their season into March during the FCCAA state tournament from March 2 to 5.

The Miami Dade College women’s basketball team has clinched a spot in the Florida Community College Athletic Association state championship tournament to be held on March 2 to 5 in Marianna, Fla.

The Lady Sharks started the season with a 2-10 record, but fought back to get into contention for the state tournament. The team ended the regular season with a loss to Indian River Community College, on Feb. 19, but secured their spot in the tournament with a 71-64 playoff win against Brevard Community College on Feb. 22, to finish the season (12-14) and (6-3) in the Southern Conference.

“We feel great about it, “said Lady Sharks Head Coach Susan Summons. “The journey started rocky but with a tough schedule, you take the bumps and bruises. That’s how you learn to play as a team.”

Sophomore forward Kandis Frederick credits her team’s desire to make it to states.

“Our point guards (Tory) Stephens and (Melanie) Ducott did a great job keeping us together on the court,” Frederick said. “No one was lazy and there wasn’t any attitude; we listened to our coach.”

The Lady Sharks will try to continue taking their Cinderella story into states.

“We made it a goal to start a new season once the Southern Conference games started,” Ducott said. “Our team has to continue playing good defense, hustle and play together.”

Hector Gonzalez

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