Will The Prequel To Game Of Thrones Be Worth It?

It’s official, the creation of House of the Dragon (the prequel to Game of Thrones) was announced. But hold your dragons—it won’t be released until 2022.

“Getting House of the Dragon on the air will be the number one priority,” HBO’s President of Programming Casey Bloys said in an interview with Nellie Andreeva in Deadline. “We are all focusing on House of the Dragon.” 

With Game of Thrones closing its final season with more than nineteen million views live, it’s easy to say that many fans are enthusiastic to see the House of the Dragon premier. Although many Game of Thrones fans were disappointed with the series finale, the amount of viewers that watched the ending live broke the previous record set by the Sopranos in 2002. 

Due to the show’s conclusion, some fans have been left understandably wary of the new season. However, it is likely that those fans would be more willing to be spectators since House of the Dragon will not be based on the concluding events of Game of Thrones

Breaking the mold of the previous Game of Thrones plot, the series is meant to be a precursor to the plot and is set back three hundred years before. This might be just the thing Game of Thrones fans are looking for: action, drama, suspense, and mystique.

Game of Thrones has captivated many of the hearts and imaginations of its fans. The years of anticipation are likely to make fans be so desperate they’ll already be waiting at the edge of their seats. 

This also gives Game of Thrones another chance to create a sort of closure to wary fans with a more favorable ending or at least one that is more understood. The origins of the different families, for instance, would help viewers understand the certain actions of some of the characters. 

HBO confirmed that instead of its original script writers, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, the prequel has announced new writers. This further helps the theory of a new type of narrative and endless possibilities. 

Since its press release, author George R. R. Martin has announced his plans to assist with the script. According to Pop Culture, before the development of House of the Dragon there were originally five Game of Thrones plots that were scrapped, and the producers of the series had no desire to continue the series where the ending was left off. 

Meaning, the age of heroes is no more. 

The new season will rely heavily on the events of the novel Fire & Blood. The novel has more than enough content for multiple seasons, but so far HBO only promised us 10 episodes. 

This is unlike the previous season that was based on Martin’s unfinished work in the novel series A Song of Fire & Ice

Many of the series book fans are concerned with Martin’s TV fans demand because they think it will delay the release of The Winds of Winter and uproot his creative process. Some die-hard fans have threatened boycotting watching the series until the release of the book. 

Either way, everyone’s talking about it and compelled to see what is next for Game of Thrones.