Who Would You Choose?

Circle is a 2015 psychological independent film written and directed by duo Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione. This horror, sci-fi drama will leave you with so many questions and a plot twist so shocking, you will never forget it.

The movie begins with fifty unconscious people in a dark room forming a circle around a strange sphere, with no memory as to how they got there. There are a variety of people (all varying in age) with contrasting ethnicity, sexuality, religious views.

Amongst them are a lesbian, a pregnant young woman, a cancer survivor, a little girl and the a tattooed criminal, to name a few. When awakened, the game begins. Many, confused and scared, attempt to run away from the situation, quickly eliminating them from the vicious circle. However, after all the chaos and loss, they learn that they must choose who will be the last to live. Some die for having contrasting views and others die for attempting to kill other people. However, at the end there is a plot twist so surprising that it will leave you in utter shock.

The script was inspired by the 1957 American drama 12 Angry Men and was in pre-production for three years after the script was pitched to actor and producer, Michael Nardelli.

Circle first premiered on May 28 at the Seattle International Film Festival and was nominated for the New American Cinema Award.

For Hann and Miscione, Circle is their feature film debut. Prior to writing-directing the multi-genre film they created the TV series, The Vault.

This psychological thriller will surely have you on the edge of your seat. The film’s story line is built on its characters and focuses on the political, social, and psychological issues and brilliantly captures the idea of how people would react under terrible circumstances.

Watching this film will test your patience, having you wish for some to live and many to die. The film is definitely thought-provoking and does a good job at keeping the suspense alive. In the end, it will make you wonder how you would approach the situation.