West Campus Student Dies After Losing Control Of Vehicle

Maisha Vrotsos sighed when she read what her younger brother typed in his laptop two days before his death.

“[It read] ‘live life to the fullest and take each day to better yourself,’” Maisha Vrotsos said.

Konstantinos Vrotsos, a criminal justice major at Miami Dade College’s West Campus, died on July 3 after he lost control of his vehicle.

According to Detective Javier Baez, a Miami Dade Police spokesman, Vrotsos was driving his Nissan 350 Z when he crashed into a Florida Power & Light post near Biscayne Blvd. NW 107 St. at approximately 3 a.m.. The vehicle caught fire.

He died on impact.

“The walk to his grave is like that of a red carpet, when you reach the end you find my son, Konstantinos,” said Blanca Vrotsos, the young man’s mother.

Most  recently, Vrotsos  traveled with his MDC’s  Student Allocation Programming Board organization to a conference in Atlanta, GA. It featured ways to promote student life.

However, Vrotsos didn’t stop at the doors of the College.

He was well known for his acting career in several soap operas such as Gata Salvaje, Angel Rebelde, Soñar No Cuesta Nada and Going to California. Born in Athens, Greece on Dec. 5, 1991 and nicknamed Konz, he began his career at the age of five performing in commercials.

By the age of six Vrotsos became a Screen Actors Guild award member and he began traveling from Miami to Los Angeles with hopes of winning the hearts of casting directors.

“He was very charismatic and was always called back for castings, more importantly, he was humble,” Maisha said.

Konstantinos attended five to seven red carpet events annually and won more than five honorable awards,  including being  given the keys to the city of the Dominican Republic in 2007, according to Blanca.

“He was a person who lived it all, there are many actors that wish they would have experienced what he did,” Blanca said.

During his career as an actor Vrotsos acted in more than 100 commercials with companies such as McDonald’s and CVS Pharmacy. He also appeared in a short Pepsi commercial with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. He last filmed a commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken in 2010. It’s still airing today.

“I was with him in moments only him and I shared,” Blanca said. “I enjoyed him for 19 years and I am happy.”

Vrotsos’ family has created a Konstantinos memorial Facebook page.

“[It’s] set up for remembering my brother, it has album for fans and friends, photos and videos of Konz’s work as well as his family pictures.” Maisha said. “It was made to keep his legacy alive.”

Fans and friends can purchase ‘Konz memorabilia’ through the memorial page in order to help the Vrotsos family recover for funeral funds.

Twenty-one-year-old Jenniffer Carballo, was Vrotsos’ girlfriend of more than a year. She says she will miss singing to him at night the most.

“I only sang for him because I felt comfortable, tranquil,” Carballo said. “There was no light; no judging. It was just the perfect environment— it was private.”

According to Carballo, Vrotsos was a thrill-seeker.

“He was my partner in crime, and now it feels like I have no crimes to commit,” Carballo said.