Top Four Videogame And Comic Couples

If you’re spending the day with your significant other or just going solo, most of us can agree that there’s always a fictional couple that’ll have you hashtagging #relationshipgoals. Check out the list below for my top picks.

1. Link and Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)  

The Legend of Zelda is a famous Nintendo game series that has been around since 1986. The series is centered on a young hero named Link who often has to save Princess Zelda and her kingdom, Hyrule, from a villain named Ganon.

In each game, Link and Zelda have a close connection with each other. But most of the time, their relationship is a bit vague. It isn’t until The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword that we begin to witness their romance bloom. This game shows the two characters as children, where Zelda is seen defending Link from bullies and Link is constantly caring for Zelda. As the game continues, their relationship escalates. Although there is never a scene of them kissing, it is quite obvious that Link and Zelda are not “just friends.”

Link and Zelda’s relationship is like a fairy tale. The Princess needs help and Link is always there to save her. No matter what, Link and Zelda seem to always care for each other. It’s like their souls are intertwined.

2. Batman and Catwoman (Batman)

Batman is a well-known hero that is constantly fighting crime and keeping Gotham safe. He is often portrayed as emotionless, only caring toward the eyes of justice, or busy with keeping his identity as playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne under wraps. You’d think Batman wouldn’t have the time to find that special someone. However, it’s possible to find love even if you’re not looking.

Batman and Catwoman are an interesting couple. Given that Catwoman is a villain and Batman lives to bring justice to the world, you would think that this relationship would be nothing more than a fling. Nevertheless, Batman does see some good in Catwoman and feels comfortable showing how he really feels. Although there may be some tension between the two, Batman and Catwoman can always count on each other and can relate to how hard life can be in Gotham. Catwoman also helps Batman loosen up at times. She understands how hard his life can be and is always able to keep up with his busy schedule. They both make each other better in some way, which makes them a great couple.

3. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter who loves the rush of adventure and is known for getting in all sorts of trouble. His love of adventure is like no other until one day he meets a journalist named Elena Fisher.

Elena follows Nathan during his adventures and they slowly fall in love and become a strong, treasure-hunting couple. They both love the rush of adventure and stick together no matter what crazy trouble they wind up in. Although Nathan has a “colorful” past, Elena is able to look past that and only see the man she loves. Elena is able to ignore Nathan’s past mistakes makes, which makes Nathan comfortable enough to be himself around her. Nathan also loves that fact that Elena is an independent woman who is able to handle herself no matter what the situation. They are able to explore the world together and always succeed within their escapades and that’s what makes them a great couple.   

4. Raven and Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

Raven and Beast Boy are two heroes who are part of a superhero team called the Teen Titans. Together they fight crime with their peers and save the world from any threat they might face.

Raven and Beast Boy are known to be quite close and love each other very much. However, being the daughter of Trigon, a demon who loves to make people suffer, she is aware that at any moment her inner demon could burst and cause her to hurt anyone she may care for. She lets her fear get the better of her and turns down Beast Boy on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, Beast Boy never gives up, because he knows that their love can conquer any evil.

Raven and Beast Boy’s relationship is a perfect example of how love can triumph over any form of hate. Even if that hate may be within yourself.

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