The Wrong Number Blends A Plethora Of Genres To Create Their Own Unique Sound

The Wrong Number isn’t just a catchy name for a rock band, it’s a vision and movement for four young artists. 

Benjamin Caserta (Vocals), Nick Sintes (Guitar), Arkii Cala (Bass), and Matt Plasencia (Drums) had no idea that their attempt at a rock band would blossom into what it is now. They have two albums, four singles, and have played at more than a dozen venues from Miami to New Orleans.

The Miami-based quartet blends a plethora of genres to produce their own sound. They take inspiration from alternative-rock, hard rock, and hip-hop.

Their story starts in late 2015. That is when Caserta was sitting in his high school biology class and Cala posted on Instagram that he was itching to start a band. Caserta approached him the next day and they formed Saturday Night Special. Two years later that band became The Wrong Number.

Plasencia joined the band in 2017 after his guitarist and lead singer ditched him at a venue. Soon after, a friend referred Sintes to Caserta to fill the role of guitarist.

Originally, they began as a metal band, but as new members arrived, so did new styles. 

“Everyone in the band likes a variety of music genres, and the different influences really come through in our music,” Cala said. 

For example, Caserta’s musical inspirations are as varied as Frank Sinatra and Frank Ocean. 

The bandmates attend Florida International University, and Plasencia works as an electrician full-time. But they managed to release a brand-new EP titled It’s Almost As If on Aug. 24 that consists of five songs. 

Their gumption has allowed them to build a loyal fan base in the South Florida music scene ever since their first performance at Tea and Poets, a popular café in South Miami at The Shops at Sunset Place, in 2017. 

“I have been to so many of their live performances. Somehow the atmosphere is always different than the last, but, in a good way,” said Sean McCormick, a Kendall Campus student. “They always manage to engage the audience and express their passion through their performance. I’ve seen tiny cafés fill up with 80 people just jumping and dancing.” 

The Wrong Number plans to continue performing locally and in neighboring states in the future when they are allowed to.

“I love that they have experimented with many styles and have found new ways to reinvent classic rock,” said Juliet Gonzalez, a student at the School for Advanced Studies. “Many local bands follow the status quo when it comes to music, but their sound is unique to them.”

The Wrong Number.
Making Waves: The Wrong Number is a Miami-based band picking up traction on the South Florida music scene. They have released two albums and performed at venues from Miami to New Orleans.