The Donald Trump Clown Show

Illustration by Danielle Kairuz.

We are now in 2016, and throughout the year, there will be one big topic discussed: Politics. This year, only one name will be talked about over and over again.

Donald Trump.

You’ll be hearing about him every week. He is the one candidate everyone is fearful of. The one candidate that everybody complains about and the one candidate that, unfortunately, might have a shot at winning the Republican nomination.

But man, what a show he is running. He says it’s not a publicity stunt, but in my opinion, he’s running a clown show. He’s talking about candidates left and right, calling Hillary Clinton a liar, questioning President Barack Obama’s decisions and Ted Cruz’s citizenship status, the list goes on and on and on. I mean, how much more will Trump offend before his points are made clear?

He’s already offended Mexicans, Latinos, Muslims and more, plus, he’s been the subject of memes, ad blocks and trolls, etc. I have never seen an election this entertaining or one-sided in my life.

You see candidates going against Trump, which apparently is the one thing they can all agree on. This sounds like Trump vs. the World. How can Trump offend so many people and get away with it? He may say it like it is, but it might not get him anywhere. Trump has so many businesses to his name, including golf courses, buildings, planes, that if he loses, he said in an interview with ABC’s 20/20: “I would go back to running my businesses.”  Trump should decide whether he wants the presidency or his businesses, because you can’t have both.

It’s a plan by Trump to eventually take over the world, if elected.

Every week, or mainly every day, you hear something about what Trump has to say, and it is mostly, or always, controversial. Plus, there is a higher chance of having protesters complaining against him than any other presidential candidate in this election.

Let’s be honest, is this good? More likely not. He already wants to build a wall in Mexico to stop illegal immigration, but that will continue because it’s not just Mexicans coming, but people from El Salvador, Chile, Colombia and Honduras. He also wants to temporarily  block Muslims from coming to America. Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has started accepting Syrian refugees fleeing from violence. If Trump wins, it looks like more people are off to Canada and not America.

This is a country that’s the land of the free, that accepts every kind of immigrant and is the home of the brave. It gives people new hope. That’s what America is about, not Trump. His plans are a joke. Trump is somebody who’s not meant to be trusted. I don’t think he will win the Republican nomination or the presidency. I think Trump needs to figure it out because by the way he’s been running his campaign, he sounds like a clown.