Student Life Department Offers Many Resources

Gaby Narvaez used to be like many students at Miami Dade College. “I used to be the type that would go to class and then straight home,”said Narvaez, an MDC graduate who currently serves as the student organization coordinator at Wolfson Campus. “As new students I encourage you to participate and get involved on campus.”

Student Life features more than 100 clubs and organizations throughout all campuses.

Through this department, you can get your parking decal, MDC ID, become informed on the many events, clubs and organizations on campus or even find out about upcoming service learning or community service opportunities.
Student Life offers students the opportunity to share ideas with other students with similar interests at a variety of clubs and organizations.

For example, Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society with a presence at seven campuses. North Campus P.T.K. Vice President Ruth Moreno explains that their mission is to “promote leadership, scholarship and service.”

“We want to give members the tools necessary to be successful in any endeavor and be well-rounded leaders in the school,” Moreno said.

Students at the Medical Center Campus gain insight and experience in their majors with clubs like Future Veterinarian Technicians of America, Student American Dental Hygienist Association, and the Laboratory Sciences Student Association.

One of the most prominent student organization that directly relates to every student at MDC is the Student Government Association.

SGA represents the student body on any campus, local, and state issues.

“One issue that [SGA] has been pushing heavily and unfortunately unsuccessfully on a state level is tuition for residency purposes,” said Antonio Delgado, director of Student Life at InterAmerican Campus, referring to a bill that passed unsuccessfully through the Florida Legislator to allow undocumented students in Florida to attend college with in-state tuition.

At Homestead Campus, students have the opportunity to join clubs like the Aviation Flight Team, Early Childhood Education, Brother’s Keepers or the Military Student Organization.

Nicole Bryant, director of Student Life at Homestead Campus said that Student Life is a “one-stop shop” for students.
“Student Life can [help you] do anything,” Bryant said, “from getting acquainted with the campus to molding you into a campus leader.”


North Campus Student Life
Room Location: 4208
Number of Clubs offered: 30
(305) 237-1250

Wolfson Campus Student Life
Room Location: 2101
Number of Clubs offered: 42
(305) 237-3536

West Campus Student Life
Room Location:1171
Number of Clubs Offered: 11
(305) 237-8904

Kendall Campus Student Life
Room Location: 100
Number of Clubs offered: 36
(305) 237-2327

Medical Center Campus Student Life
Room Location:1171
Number of Clubs Offered: 11
(305) 237-4213

Homestead Campus Student Life
Room Location: A116
Number of Clubs offered: 19

Hialeah Campus Student Life
Room Location: 1118
Number of Clubs offered: 5
(305) 237-8736

InterAmerican Campus Student Life
Room Location: 1106
Number of Clubs offered: 16
(305) 237-6163