Student Body To Vote For SGA Leaders

Student Government Association (SGA) elections are coming to MDC campuses. The elections run from  March 21 through March 23.

SGA represents the interest and concerns of the students for each campus. Officers work to improve the experience of students by creating campaigns. This year Kendall Campus SGA launched the “99 problems but you can fix one” campaign. The campaign focuses on hearing student issues and focusing on solving them.

The positions students will be voting for in the SGA election will be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant of arms, governmental relations director and historian. Each position holds its own responsibilities.  

“I think students should be very involved in the voting process because they want an efficient leader who will listen to the student body as a whole and provide opportunities to them,” said Enrique Kin, vice president of SGA at Kendall Campus.

Voting locations:

Hialeah Campus: The library, building 1400.

Homestead Campus: Student Life, building A by the patio area.

InterAmerican Campus: The breezeway by building 1000.

Kendall Campus: The breezeway by building 2000.

West Campus: Between the entrances of the student drop-off area and the public safety office.

Medical Campus: Have yet to be declared. (No students have applied to be on the SGA at this campus)

North Campus: The breezeway by building 3000.

Wolfson Campus: The breezeway by building 2000.

Students also have the option of voting online here: 

Lorena Umaña

Lorena Umaña ,19, is a mass mass communications/journalism major at Kendall Campus. Umaña, a 2014 graduate of Felix Varela Senior High School, will serve as a staff writer for The Reporter during the 2015-2016 school year. She aspires to work for National Geographic or become a book editor.