Streaming Gets Bigger With Disney And DC

During the last decade, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have been the power houses when it comes to streaming and watching movies and TV shows. Recently, companies like Disney and Warner Bros. (through their DC brand) have entered the field with services that solely host their content, potentially shaking up the streaming world.

With this new development it looks like, in the near future, Disney and DC fans are going to have to choose to either add a new membership for these new services on top of the ones they already have or drop one of their other services to be able to afford the newer ones.

“I kinda find it stupid that they will make it their own service for just their content, when it’s easier for them to just have it in a pool,” said 18-year-old Sabrina Castillo. “Because with Netflix, I can just easily search the movies or TV shows I want, regardless [of] how [they] made it and what genre. If I have to go and make new accounts with DC and Disney services just dedicated to their content, it’s just not needed.”

Disney hasn’t said much about their new service, but they have signaled that the service will  include most of their original content from many of their ‘90s classics like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid to newer content like Frozen and Moana, as well as some original content. The service would also be the home of the latest Marvel Studios films, with films like Captain Marvel being available on the service due to the end of a licensing deal between Disney and Netflix.

The bad news is, because of Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox earlier this year, it’s likely that many of those movies or TV shows could also be leaving Netflix or Amazon Prime. That doesn’t include Hulu, however, as Disney’s acquisition will give them a 60% share of the service.

Unlike Disney, DC has shared a lot about their new streaming service, DC Universe. The plan for the service is to house many of DC’s films and shows along with new content. This includes Titans, a live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans titles, and the third season of the animated series Young Justice. Another feature of the membership is that you will have the ability to read DC comics directly through the service.

Even while entering a crowded field, Disney and DC fans have something to look forward to with these two services.

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