Stay Active At Home With These Simple Workouts

During these unprecedented times, it’s hard to stay active at home with the added distraction of television, video games or eating anything that gets in your way. 

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted our lifestyle drastically, but it is important to remain active in isolation.

No gym? No worries. 

With the closure of gyms, parks and training facilities, it may be hard to picture yourself working out at home due to limited space or lack of motivation, but once you find that inner drive, exercising can be easy with these simple methods. 

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Quarantine Fitness: Jose Tovar does squats in his backyard during an at-home workout. PHOTO COURTESY OF ORIANA DOS SANTOS

Whether you’re into cardio, dumbbells or powerlifting, online videos can be a good alternative for you. There are plenty of workout apps and streaming services like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram that offer simple routines you can do at home.

Fitness apps have seen a rise in popularity in the past months. Apps like C25K, Sworkit and Daily Yoga have helped people stay in shape during the quarantine. But some of these apps might cost you a little bit of money.

C25K and Daily Yoga focus on a single type of exercise—in this case, running and yoga respectively. However, broader apps like Sworkit and Aaptiv include a wider variety of activities you can perform, such as strength training, cardio, yoga, cycling and stretching. 

If you don’t get along with online exercises, you can try more traditional ways to stay active like walking or running. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes of weekly aerobic activity, so put on your sneakers and walk around the block. Stair climbing and bicycling also get the job done. 

There are other options for those who rather stay at home. Activities like dancing and yoga can be fun, especially if done with a partner. It’s a real time-killer. You can follow dance tutorials on YouTube, or simply play your favorite song and follow the rhythm. A daily session of Just Dance might be your best ally if you don’t like traditional exercising.

If you are a gym junkie and don’t like any of the activities mentioned above, you can create circuit training sequences that best suit you. You don’t need special equipment. Some exercises you can try include push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, jumping jacks, planks, or burpees. 

There’s a lot of free time these days, so stop making excuses and stay active at home. You won’t regret it. 

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Get Motivated: Jose Tovar completes his workout doing three sets of 15 lunges. He uses eight-pound dumbbells to complement the exercise. PHOTO COURTESY OF ORIANA DOS SANTOS