Single Stop Offering Free Tax Preparation

Single Stop will be offering free tax preparation services at North Campus in Room 1164, Kendall Campus in Room 2119-01, and Wolfson Campus in Room 2104-6 until April 15 to students and their immediate families.

Single Stop will be open from Mondays through Thursdays, and on Fridays by appointment only. Single Stop will provide free electronic filing.

Certified IRS tax-preparers will determine the student and family’s eligibility to receive the Earned Income, American Opportunity or Child Tax Credits. The American Opportunity Credit is worth up to $2,500 of tuition and other expenses; students who have worked in the past year will be eligible to receive up to $1,000.

Taxpayers must bring their social security card, social security cards of any dependents, a picture identification card, W-2 earning statements, the 1099 INT and any documents pertaining to expenses to be claimed. Self-employed individuals must bring the 1099 MISC.

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