Shark Pride

“So, what school do you go to?”

Many who live in South Florida proudly answer, the University of Miami or Florida International University, and those visiting during the summer boast the University of Florida or Florida State University, but those that attend Miami Dade College don’t always seem as eager to answer.

Usually the MDC student will shrug and mumble, “Dade…,” while the UF student responds,  “It’s okay you can transfer here soon.”

This needs to change.

Miami Dade College is the largest college in the nation. The school has more than 174,000 students, eight campuses across Miami-Dade County. It offers eight bachelor degree programs in addition to many associate and vocational degrees. Yes, that means you can graduate from MDC with a four-year-degree like you can at any university.

More importantly, college is not about where you go, but what you make of it. A basic undergraduate at the University of Miami pays $1,600 per credit hour, while a MDC student pays $78.84 a credit. That is a $1,521.16 difference. In the end, what differentiates college students is the amount of work and passion they they put into their studies to make themselves better. Those that mess around at MDC, subsequently staying here for the next 10 years, will find themselves spending as much money as if they had attended UM. However, those that take advantage of what MDC has to offer, from sports to clubs and specialized courses, will find themselves forever proud of being a Shark.

So, the next time you are at a social engagement with other college students, don’t blow it when they ask you what school you attend. Be as proud as ever that you attend the largest college in the nation. And with that, answer nice and loud, “I attend Miami Dade College.”