SAS Student Wins Girl Scout Gold Service Award

Regina Gallardo, a senior at the School for Advanced Studies at West Campus, was recently awarded the National Girl Scout Gold Service Award for curating a children’s comic book about traffic safety.

Gallardo, 17, created the comic book during her junior year alongside four SAS seniors. The book aims to inform children about traffic lights, crossroads and jaywalking.

“It’s surreal,” Gallardo said. “It’s impacted me because I know the book is promoting a sense of tolerance in the community and is teaching children values that will potentially save their lives.”

The National Girl Scout Gold Service Award, sponsored by the Girl Scout Tropical Florida Council, recognizes exceptional girl scouts that have demonstrated leadership through community service projects.

Gallardo, who has been a scout for six years, will receive her award in May.

The book is sponsored by the City of Doral and more than 200 copies have been distributed. Online copies are available at