S.A.V.E Program Helps Students Save Money On Textbooks

Promotional image for S.A.V.E.Looking for a way to save money on textbooks?

The S.AV.E program is designed to offer students an easier way to access textbooks.

If you are registered for the following classes CHM 1033, HUN 1201, BSC 1005, BSC 2085 OR 2086, MAT1033, MCB 2010, GEB 1011, MAN 2021 at the North Campus or Carrie P.Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center, you are eligible to participate in the program.

Students can rent up to 11 books at for $35 per textbook for one semester.

Exchanging is another option for students who decide they want to loan their textbook to the S.A.V.E inventory. Students who loan their textbooks will pay $25 a semester.

Students may also contribute a textbook to the S.A.V.E program; they will pay ten dollars a semester.

For more information, call 305-237-8357 or visit Room 4208.