Police: MDC Student Threatened to Post Ex-Girlfriend’s Nude Photos On Instagram

A 19-year-old Hialeah Campus student is facing various criminal charges after police said he threatened to post his ex-girlfriend’s nude photos on Instagram if she didn’t have sex with him.

Evan Ryan Rodriguez faces charges that include extortion, sexual cyber harassment, stalking and resisting arrest with violence.   

He was released from jail on Oct. 19 after posting bond.  

Rodriguez could not be reached for comment for this story. His attorney, Maritza Alvarez, stressed that the charges against Rodriguez are only allegations and that her client is awaiting his next court hearing on Oct. 28.

According to Juan Mendieta the College’s director of communications, the Hialeah Campus public safety department issued a no trespass notice for Rodriguez. He is not allowed on campus unless he meets with the dean of students.  

“The allegations are certainly troubling and the case has been referred to the College’s disciplinary process and the appropriate protocols are being followed,” Mendieta said.

According to a police report, Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend, a student at Homestead Campus, met with with an academic  advisor at the College on Oct. 7 to discuss an “urgent matter.” During the meeting, the young lady told the advisor that Rodriguez had threatened to post nude photos of her on the Internet.

While with the advisor, the police report states that Rodriguez sent her more than 20 text messages and called her at least 15 times, cursing and threatening to post the photos on Instagram if she did not meet with him to have sex.

Shortly after, several officers located Rodriguez sitting on a bench outside of building A at the Homestead Campus.

When officers approached Rodriguez, he told them “I don’t have to talk to you” and he continued to text on his phone.

However, when officers explained to Rodriguez  why they were there he responded by saying: “I’m a guy, I told this girl that I would post her naked pictures because I wanted to see her.”

Then Rodriguez offered to delete the naked photos and explained that “she was 18 years old and it was OK to post the photos online.”       

When  the officers attempted to place him under arrest he resisted, kicking the officers several times, according to the police report.  

Brayan Vazquez

Brayan Vazquez, 20, is computer science and computer network major at North Campus. Vazquez will serve as a forum writer and photographer for The Reporter during the 2014-2015 school year. He aspires to be a tech-based entrepreneur and revolutionize the way kids learn in this new technological era.

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