Photo Briefing – June 14, 2016

The Haitian IBO Club Dance Group performing at the Haitian Flag Day Celebration.
Haitian Heritage: The Haitian IBO Club Dance Group performs at the Haitian Flag Day Celebration on May 18 at the Lehman Theatre located at MDC North Campus.
Former head of state of Haiti Michel Joseph Martelly at a signing for his autobiography.
OBSERVING HIS PAST: The former head of state of Haiti, Michel Joseph Martelly, presented his book Michel Martelly Autobiographie on May 18 at Wolfson Campus. Martelly autographed his book and spoke to hundreds from the community. He was interviewed by Haitian radio and television host Elizabeth Guerin, in tribute to Haitian Flag Day. The former president recalled issues in Haiti, his childhood and his life. HECTOR D. GONZALEZ / THE REPORTER
Dancer performing a traditional belly dance.
Belly Dance: Roshana Nofret, an instructor and choreographer of Middle Eastern dance from The Azhar Dance Ensemble, performs a traditional belly dance. The performance was part of Arabian Voyage 2016, which took place at Kendall Campus in Room 6120 on May 7.