One Year Of The Reporter

PHOTO COURTESY OF CRISTIAN LAZZARI MDC MEDIA RELATIONS Award-Winning: The staff of The Reporter was awarded a national Pacemaker award by the Associated Collegiate Press for the second year in a row.

This college-wide, student publication is the culmination of the many years of service of three former campus newspapers: North’s The Falcon Times, Kendall’s Catalyst and Wolfson’s Metropolis.

We aim to continue to build upon the strong foundation built by our parent publications and hope that this marks but the first year in a long line of future volumes of The Reporter.

We will continue to seize the truth and deliver it every two weeks, to the racks and to the hands of you, the students, faculty and staff of Miami Dade College.

Below are the accounts of the inaugural editorial staff of The Reporter.

— Mark Pulaski

“To be the first to do something is nice; to be the first to do it and do it well, is something to be proud of. The group of students that were charged with starting The Reporter gave their heart to this project. They faced obstacles and overcame them. They exceeded expectations, but never stopped striving for better. They raised the bar of what student journalism at Miami Dade College should be. They sacrificed their personal lives for something they all believed in. Despite arguments and disagreements, they believed in each other and their mission—informing the student body. And for that, they will forever be part of the legacy of The Reporter.”
Manolo Barco served as the adviser to The Reporter during its inaugural year. He is still the paper’s adviser.

“Being part of the The Reporter for me was a unique experience because I’ve never been part of a group or anything in my life that meant so much to me, until I joined [The Reporter.] On a weekly basis each of us worked hard to put together a newspaper.What made it more exciting was the fact that we were the first-ever staff, and we were asked to carry forward the torch for a new regime. It was hard work, but at the same time I learned a lot and now it’s paying off. It was also almost like a movie or reality show. On a daily basis we dealt with each other, cared for each other, from lunches to coffee time, to disagreements, and breakfast clubs. There were also moments when we celebrated anytime one of us accomplished something big.”
Hector Gonzalez served as sports editor to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Gonzalez is currently studying print journalism at Florida International University.

The Reporter was an interesting experience for me. Within the inaugural staff, I was the only designer, so I was tasked with setting up the visual look for the paper. I think this experience was one of those few times in any designer’s career where they were given a blank slate and told to go nuts. Often, especially in design, one’s decisions are based on things that have come prior; in the case of The Reporter, there wasn’t any “prior.” It was an interesting experience to give this paper an identity that students across the College would respond to. More importantly, I think I became very aware of who I was as a designer. All of my shortcomings as a professional are literally in print. That pushed me to always improve, innovate and streamline; and ultimately become a more efficient designer.”
Lazaro Gamio served as art director to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Gamio is currently majoring in Electronic Media at New World School of the Arts.

“I’ve always loved a good story and the one attraction to news for me was that their were many stories that just need to be discovered. The Reporter provided me with the opportunity to discover. I’m an extremely visual person; I love the art of capturing a story as an image. I always told photographers wanting to work with the paper that they are journalists too. Reporters find the facts, quotes and statistics to support their article and tell their story. But for photojournalists, we only have one shot. Our shot must show the story in a way that brings more insight to the article for readers. As the [North Campus] photo editor [during The Reporter’s] inaugural year I’ve gained a new sense of camaraderie. Capto Veritas.”
Akeem Brunson served as North Campus photo editor to The Reporter during its inaugural year.  Brunson is currently the multimedia editor at The Reporter.

“I never thought that a newspaper would give me so much to be thankful for. In my time at The Reporter, I got a family and the experience I needed to continue to my future endeavors. As a writer, I learned about timeliness, that a deadline is a deadline and if its not met, it can cost you everything. As an editor, however, I learned about teamwork and how when one of your colleagues is falling behind, it’s okay to go back and help them. The support that I got while on The Reporter can’t be found anywhere else. Whenever someone felt down, or doubted themselves, the quick remedy was to get on a desk and do the chicken dance. I really hope that that tradition continues. The stories that I’ve written, the interviews I’ve conducted and the experiences we shared, will always stay with me. Our conference trips—unforgettable. Our inside jokes— incomprehensible. I can honestly say that I feel fortunate to have been on the first staff of The Reporter.”
Monica Suarez served as briefing editor to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Suarez is currently studying Broadcast Journalism in the Honors College at Miami Dade College.

“Working on The Reporter really made me understand what journalism is all about: persistence, aspiration, late nights, a lot of coffee and working as a team.  This paper was my first taste of journalism and has truly prepared me for what’s to come in my future as a professional journalist. I can honestly say that because of my experience with the paper, I feel confident in my journalism work and I know I have what it takes to be a reporter. I am forever thankful for the work experience that I received, but most importantly for the people that I met while working there. I met life-time friends, people that have pushed me because they know they can, people that have made me want to be better and most importantly people that have faith in me. Thank you The Reporter for changing my life and for being a memory that I will hold forever in my heart. “ ‘For The Reporter, I’m Alexandra de Armas.’”
Alexandra de Armas served as North Campus bureau chief to The Reporter during its inaugural year. De Armas  is currently currently majoring in Telecommunications at the University of Florida.

“Working till 5 a.m. and photographing three U.S. presidents was never part of the plan; but it all happened because of The Reporter. You’d think we’d get tired eventually. Or get bored. Unlike most sane folk, we didn’t, and we worked through all our obstacles, lack of sleep and junk-food spoiled appetites. Methodically, we worked as a team, and in the end of the day, we put out a product we could all be proud of. Our determination was unmatched, only paralleled by our passion towards helping each other with one common goal; publish a darn good newspaper, which I believe we did. No one can ever take away The Reporter’s identity, because we built it from the ground up with every painstaking hour, story, photo and word we’ve ever deposited and I’m confident it’ll live on in the same light for years to come.”
Gregory Castillo served as Kendall Campus bureau chief to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Castillo is currently majoring in Culinary Arts Management at the Miami Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College.

“The day I first walked into the newsroom was a life-changing experience for me. While I was a contributing member of The Falcon Times, it was once we consolidated to form The Reporter that I really felt a new sense of camaraderie with my colleagues. My fellow staff members became an extended family to me, and The Reporter was our newborn child to raise. With every issue to hit the racks, I feel more and more proud of what we have created. I, along my fellow staff members, have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears—literally—to make this publication the powerhouse it is today. Even with my eyes swollen and red from the many hours lost sleep and my fingers black from the distribution of the thousands of copies that have passed through my hands, it all becomes worth it when I see someone sitting there with their face buried in the latest issue. Just as I will always be a part of The Reporter, it will always be a part of me.”
Mark Pulaski served as Arts & Entertainment Editor to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Pulaski is currently the Wolfson Campus Bureau Chief at The Reporter.

“Being part of The Reporter was honor, privilege and a challenge among other things. It was a place where one could grow not only as a journalist but as a person as well. The newsroom was the place where I first realized that I wanted to be a journalist. It was the first real taste of journalism. It was also the place where I met some of the most amazing people who I can call good friends. The Reporter represents more than all eight MDC campuses’; it represents all of its students. The deadlines, long nights and coffee breaks have prepared me for the real world. I can now say that I am capable to do more than before and overcome any challenge that approaches me. The Reporter will forever be one of the most memorable experiences I have had.

Anna Carabeo served as multimedia editor to The Reporter during its inaugural year. Carabeo is currently majoring in Telecommunications at the University of Florida.

Mark Pulaski

Mark Pulaski, 29, is pursuing a bachelor of applied science degree in Film, Television & Digital Production in the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at the North Campus. He is currently serving as a staff writer of The Reporter. He was previously the editor-in-chief in addition to overseeing the A&E section and the Multimedia department.