O Cinema Offers Intimate Movie Setting

O Cinema is a non-profit independent cinema with three locations in the greater Miami area Miami Shores, Miami Beach, and Wynwood.  Each location features various films, for a limited time, specific to each theater.

O Cinema Miami Shores @MTC, 9806 N.E. Second Ave., opened its doors in 1946.  The theater did well until the mid-1970s  when new theaters with multi-screens made it tough for a single screen cinema to thrive. It eventually became a dollar theater before closing its doors in 1988. In 1990, the site was used for live theatrical events before closing in 2004. A year later, the theater was restored and has served cinema lovers ever-since.      

O Cinema Wynwood,  90 N.W. 29 St., was originally an empty theater before it opened in 2011. O Cinema’s growth and success is credited to sponsors such as the Knight Foundation, The Miami Salon Group, The Miami foundation for a Greater Miami, and membership donations.

It’s located within walking distance of many artisan restaurants and lounges in the area. With seating for up to 112 guests, the art house theater gives the public a cinematic experience to witness classic and independent films on the big screen.

Guests can examine graffiti art and sculptures in the open courtyard at the entrance of the theater. Once inside, guests can purchase a variety of snacks including popcorn, drinks, and locally baked cookies at a concession stand. The inside has white walls draped with various art pieces and a gift shop selling O Cinema brand shirts, cups, and other take home items.

O Cinema Miami Beach, 500 71 St., opened in 1978.  It was originally known as the Byron-Carlyle theater until it closed in the late 1990s. It reopened its door in 2014. Today, the theater specializes in foreign, independent and art films.     

O Cinema offers discounted tickets for students and seniors priced at $9.50 and general admission tickets priced at $11. If the cinema is hosting a film screening, tickets will cost $12. Movies start promptly at the advertised time; arriving early is recommended.

O Cinema speaks to fans of classic films, supporters of small businesses, and couples looking for a memorable date night. To see upcoming films and events visit www.o-cinema.org