North Campus Sophomore Named ALL-USA Scholar

Photo of Rachel Diaz.

Rachel Diaz was one of the 20 students nationwide to receive the All-USA scholarship for 2017.

Diaz, who is studying economics, is a sophomore attending the Honors College at North Campus. She is the current director of college project for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) Mu Elipson.

The award comes with a $5,000 prize and a special medallion, which will be given to her on April 24 in New Orleans at the American Association of Community Colleges Convention.

“This award helps me not only expand my connections, as I will be published in various media outlets, but will also help my financial situation,” Diaz said. “The $5,000 will make it easier to focus on my studies as I know I will not have to work as much to make money I need to pay for school-related expenses. My parents cannot afford to pay for my college tuition, so any help is much appreciated.”