North Campus Opens New Digital Design Den

Student working in the Digital Design Den.
Hard At Work: A North Campus student works on the computers available in the new Digital Design Den, which opened on Sept. 26. The room provides students a space to create digital media content using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

North Campus unveiled a new Digital Design Den on Sept. 26, bringing with it new possibilities for students in the fields of computer animation, film production, graphic design, music business, TV production and web design.

The Den, the brainchild of School of Entertainment & Design Technology professor Eric Cornish, features 12 state-of-art 27-inch iMacs with 5K resolution, 3D printers, plug-and-play laptop stations, digital tablets and microphones. The space also includes a lounge.

“This lab is not just a computer lab, it’s an idea generator, a lifetime friend maker, confidence booster and a place where ideas and imagination come together into endless possibilities,” Cornish said during the opening ceremony for the Den.

Prior to the Den’s inception, students did not have a dedicated space to work on their projects outside of the classroom. According to Cornish, many students were forced to finish their work by sitting in on other classes.

In late 2016, Cornish met with campus administration to propose the idea of the Digital Design Den—a room dedicated to entertainment and design technology where students could have unlimited access.

“It was created for the students at SEDT so they could work on assignments and work together,” said Gema Naredo, chairperson for SEDT. “For example, they are not isolated, so in a group you can be working with a music business student or a graphic design student so it helps to create a great atmosphere.”

To use the facility, which is complete with Adobe Suite software, students must be enrolled in at least one SEDT course. The College aims to use the facility so that students can get exposure to the software and technology that is currently being used by professionals in the field today.

“The Den will prepare students so that they can go into the industry knowing how to use the equipment, manipulate the technology and use their innate talents to produce great work,” North Campus President Malou C. Harrison said at the grand opening.   

Students at the SEDT can also volunteer to be digital design tutors at the Den. Those who become tutors can earn service hours for their work.

“This is amazing, it’s going to be cool to have people from the music production, music business program and film to be able to have a space to be creative together,” said Albert Name, a music student in SEDT.

The Digital Design Den located in Room 2118 is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.