New Vending Machines Equate To Some Slight Price Increases

Photo of a vending machine.
Making A Purchase: Miami Dade College students can now make a purchase from the new vending machines using Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Your next trip to a vending machine at Miami Dade College might be a little more expensive this fall after the school switched vendors.

Items such as Sun Chips, Cheetos, Lay’s chips, Grandma’s cookies, which all previously  cost $1.25, saw a 25 cent increase; 20 oz bottled sodas like Coca-Cola and Sprite also saw an increase from $1.50 to  $1.75.

“We held the prices down for a while,” said Hannibal Burton, the director of auxiliary services at Miami Dade College. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep them as low as they had been.”

Canteen Vending replaced Gilly Vending this summer as the provider of the school’s 187 vending machines college-wide.

The new machines, which have sleeker, more modern designs with MDC Shark logos on some, feature touch screens and accept Apple and Android Pay as well as the traditional credit card and cash payment options.

Despite the slight increase in some items other items like M&M’s ($1.50) and Skittles and Starburst ($1.25 each) saw no increase. New products include bottled coconut water for $3.50, but bottled frappuccinos are no longer available.