New Tron Lives Up To Legacy Left By Original

Tron: Legacy takes us back to the illuminated digital world of the 80’s classic film.

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), son of the original protagonist Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), is lured into “The Grid” a giant light-up city where people are identified as computer programs and ever y thing from airplanes and motorcycles, to clothes and table utensils are decked out in neon lights.

Sam arrives only to find the grid taken over by Kevin’s digital alter-ego Clu, whose ruthless tyranny over the city has forced Kevin into exile. Upon arrival, Sam is quickly volunteered for fast-paced gladiatorial games featuring races of Tron’s signature light cycles leaving their trademark light trails and occasionally ending up in incredibly brutal crashes.

Sam’s life is saved by his father’s protégé Quorra (Olivia Wilde) — last of a race of computer programs called Isomorphic Algorithms.

ISO’s are a genetically f lawless organism Kevin explains as a manifestation of evolved data, and they may hold t he key to human survival and evolution. Quorra reunites Sam with his father but the happiness of the reunion doesn’t last long as they learn that the portal back into the real world is closing in a few hours.

Not just that, Clu’s dominion over “The Grid” has turned escape into a suicide mission.

The film runs 125 minutes with a heavy amount of dialogue.Make no mistake; Tron’s action, disco scenery and a soundtrack composed by electronic music group Daft Punk will surely make the film the best IMA X theatre experience of 2010— or at the very least, Daft Punk’s longest music video.