New Theater Department Coordinator At Kendall Campus

Image of Aaron Alpern

Aaron Alpern is serving as the new theater department coordinator at Kendall Campus. In his new role, he is managing the Kendall theater department’s premiere events and projects.

“My main goal is to serve the students and help them in any way I can,” Alpern said.

He earned an M.F.A in acting from California Institute for the Arts and his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. He has been a professional theater actor since 1987.

Alpern has taught at MDC for about four years. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Florida International University and the New World School of the Arts. In addition to his administrative duties, he is currently teaching Acting II and Theater Appreciation at Kendall.

During the spring semester, Alpern will direct and produce Kendall’s production of Kenneth Lonnergan’s Lobby Hero, as well as producing Kendall’s performance of Harvey Schmidt’s The Fantasticks

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Alexander Aspuru

Alexander F. Aspuru, 18, is a liberal arts major in the Honors College at Kendall Campus. He will serve as a staff writer during the 2015-2016 school year. Aspuru, who graduated from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in 2015, aspires to work in Antarctica as part of the McMurdo Station support staff.