New Parking At Kendall

Students at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus now have 200 additional parking spots to choose from thanks to a new lot located between the softball field and lot seven.

The additional spots were created in response to complaints from students that the campus did not have enough parking spaces, according to Kendall Campus Dean of Administration Gloria Baez.

There are approximately 16 parking lots campus-wide and about 5,000 parking spaces.

“The school definitely needed more parking spaces. During peak times of 9 – 11 a.m., students are unable to find a spot and end up getting late to class, consequently missing part of the lesson,” said MDC student Brett Brito.

Lot 16 has been in use since Jan. 10; it allows access to students using the gym and attending classes in 7000 and 9000 buildings.

Lighting is scheduled to be added to Lot 16 at the end of February.

“I think [the new parking lot] is great because it will take out the congestion from the west side of campus and evens it out to the east,” said Student Government Association President, Luisa Santos.

The campus has also started to repave lot four, located alongside the track, to eliminate issues with the rocky terrain, and refill potholes.

“This is a good first step toward completely alleviating our parking issue,” Santos said.