Netflix’s Enola Holmes Offers Empowering Message For Young Women

Netflix’s Enola Holmes hit our screens for the first time on Sept. 23 with an overall message that sticks with you.

The film illuminates political and personal triumph. Set at the start of the women’s suffrage movement in late-19th century England, Enola Holmes is a story of a marginalized yet fierce teenage girl based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries novel series by Nancy Springer.

Actress Millie Bobbie Brown, who earned stardom with the Netflix original series Stranger Things, plays Enola Holmes, the 16-year-old sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

When their mother goes missing and doesn’t return, Enola’s brothers come back home and send Enola to a finishing school against her will so she can become a ‘proper’ young lady, but Enola runs away in search of her mother in London.

Not only does Brown play the main character, but she is also one of the producers along with her sister, Paige Brown, who introduced Millie to the series. They worked alongside director, Harry Bradbeer, during the entire process—from casting to writing—to bring the tale to life. Surprisingly, this film does not fall under the ‘damsel in distress’ category.

Enola Holmes is a unique take on the Holmes Family, with the detective genes still running thick while exploring inequality and women’s rights with a fearless female protagonist who has her own opinions.

The movie provides young girls with an iconic role model who encounters many obstacles in the course of making a name for herself. She succeeds with grace, grit, and of course, the help of a companion she meets during her quest—Tewkesbury, who is portrayed by actor Louis Partridge.

Apart from Brown and Partridge, who play the main duo, the film’s cast includes other big names like Henry Cavill (Sherlock Holmes), Sam Caflin (Mycroft Holmes), and Helena Bonham Carter (Eudoria Holmes).

Though the ending of the film hints at a sequel, it has yet to be confirmed. There are plenty of possibilities considering the movie is based on a series of five different books, and judging by the film’s popularity, things seem optimistic.

Despite some viewers wanting to see more of Sherlock Holmes in the film, Elona Holmes has been a hit with most critics finding it to be a refreshing take on the 19th century.

This female-led film successfully captures the essence of Elona’s character. Her mother raised her to believe she could do anything, and she keeps that in mind as she sets off to make her own path. 

You will witness her strength, vulnerability, and wisdom while she discovers her purpose. The film offers nuggets of empowerment and liberation with some reminders that you do not have to be lonely as you embark on your own journey—which can serve as a helpful reminder to all of us.