NAMI Aims To Relieve Students’ Stress

The National Alliance on Mental Illness will host a day of relaxation on Dec. 9 at North Campus, 11380 N.W. 27th Ave. in Room A104 of building A. Starting at noon, students will unite with their yoga mats and practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques in an attempt to strengthen their mental and physical health. Through different types of yoga, the goal is for attendees to achieve an ultimate state of relaxation.  

“Everybody is stressed or has been stressed at the moment. I know we’re in finals week,” Yania Aguero-Martinez, president of the club. “It’s a really good event to relax.”

Participants must bring a yoga mat or towels for the class. Also, attendees are encouraged to take refreshments to share afterwards.

NAMI, an organization with chapters on college campuses around the country, advocates access to services, support, treatment and research in order to raise awareness and build a community for those suffering from a mental illness. NAMI’s mission is to ensure that all people affected by a mental illness receive the help that they deserve.

For more information, contact Ginny Peterson-Tenant at (305) 237-1030 or