Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition Offers Virtual Experience

News that the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition would be postponed due to the coronavirus was received with sadness. 

People knew they would miss out on that sinking feeling in their stomach when you ride the attractions, and on delicious deep-fried foods like fried Oreos. 

Thankfully, The Fair came up with an alternative—the Fair From Home, an online experience featuring rides, food recipes and kid-friendly activities like coloring pages. 

With the click of a button, people can virtually ride their favorite attractions. The Fair’s website includes a section called go on a virtual ride, which features 10 rides people can experience. 

After clicking on a link, you are directed to a Youtube video showing someone in the front row of a ride. The loud screams and constant talking help recreate the experience. You feel like you are riding the curves on Crazy Mouse or being splashed by water from Niagara Falls.

The virtual fair also includes things for those who aren’t into thrill rides. You can find these under the more activities section on The Fair’s website.

There, you will find four recipes featuring the fair’s food-favorites: roasted corn, corn dog, funnel cakes and fried oreos. The recipes come from the cooking websites Dinner at the Zoo, All Recipes and Food Network. Two of the recipes—roasted corn and corn dog—come with videos,  so you don’t miss any step when cooking. 

Another activity allows you to look at the plants and animals from The Barn and The Garden sections. The links will redirect you to a Facebook page with pictures of beautiful greenery or cute animals like pigs and baby goats. 

Many people helped put these showcases together. The Barn was created by agriculture students, student ambassadors and volunteers, while The Garden was created by landscaping and horticulture students, teachers and staff members.

The last feature on the fair’s website is for kid-friendly activities. They include fair-themed bingo, word searches and coloring pages. They come in a PDF format that makes them easy to print.

For those who want a break from the video games and binge-watching, the Fair From Home is a fun substitute. It can help satisfy fair cravings until it returns on March 18 next year.

To visit the Fair From Home experience, click here.