Miami Dade College Launches Apprenticeship Program

Miami Dade College launched its MDC Works: Apprenticeship Program in April.

The program is a partnership with the United States Department of Labor, the Florida Department of Education and major industry leaders.

“The apprenticeship program provides another avenue for students to gain employment,” said Juan Mendieta, the director of communications at MDC. “Some students come to MDC for college certificates, and some will come for the program that helps you obtain quality work in the workforce.”  

The curriculum facilitates a flexible training system that blends technical job instruction with a hands-on workforce learning experience while giving apprentices the opportunities to build direct relationships with aviation, creative design, technology, hospitality, finance, life sciences and logistics industries.

“There is a need nationwide to develop a skilled workforce. There is a huge talent gap where students graduate and don’t have work experience when they try to get employed,” said Marimar Molinary, director of academic program development at MDC. “It’s costly for the employer. The apprenticeship program can help close that huge talent gap.”

Commercial Jet was the first company to partner with MDC. It’s seeking 20 apprentices to be part of their aircraft structures technician assembly for the summer and fall 2018 semester.

Additional industry partners will be announced later in the year.

The College provides Miami-Dade County residents, including recent high school graduates, with Related Technical Instructions, a required component of apprenticeship programs, which supplements on-the-job training in classrooms and other types of study approved by the agency in charge.

Once the applicant is accepted to their desired professional track with an MDC industry partner, the new apprentice must complete a specific amount of RTI and on-the-job training hours within two years to receive the certificate.   

The minimum hour requirement for any apprentice track is 144 RTI hours and 2,000 OJT hours.

“For Miami-Dade County, the community benefits from a highly skilled workforce, nationally certificated employees, a competitive edge to attract new companies, increased wages and increased tax revenue,” said John Wensveen, vice provost of academic schools at MDC.

For more information, students can contact John Wensveen at