Media Versus Zimmerman

Illustration by Mathew Velazquez.

By now everyone has heard the verdict: “not guilty.” The verdict was reached by six highly intelligent women who were elected by lawyers on both sides of the case. They were shown the facts, instructed unto the law, and deliberated for more than 16 hours.

Although it was a tragic case for everyone involved, the facts and evidence spoke for themselves. This was in fact justice as defined by the system created in our constitution.

It is a system in which the suspect is innocent until proven guilty. Justice is blind, it does not waiver upon public opinion, and only concerned with what can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The media should be vilified for their role in erecting a false notion of racism, when it was not supported by the evidence. The press has invented a dishonest narrative.

The facts of the case were different than the agenda of civil rights groups who are still trying to portray a race factor to the public. The media brought in political pressure from the NAACP and even included Al Sharpton who finds racism in absolutely everything.

The press should be ashamed of themselves for stirring up racial controversy in a case where there was none and polarizing people across the nation.

Most of the people who are critical of the court’s decision are only gathering their facts from what they watch in this politically correct media that condemned Zimmerman without looking at the facts or court deliberations. It is clear by watching the court case that all the evidence was in Zimmerman’s favor.

According to the social media’s attempt to drive the trial and manipulate people’s opinions, justice was not served. Was it served, or is the decision of not guilty simply going against the agenda of the media and popular opinion?

Let’s not be influenced by “he said, she said arguments.” Let us not be manipulated with race talks and racial issues as if the jurors, the judge, and lawyers cared what skin colors their clients had.

Isn’t the media “supposed” to be unbiased, giving us only facts without choosing sides? You can decide how you allow the media to influence your choices, but please don’t falsely condemn or justify someone based on social media sound bites.

We should be rational and not emotional. If we are critical of everything else in life, why not  the facts to a homicide? Begin by looking at the specifics, evidence, and arguments objectively and follow the facts wherever they lead.