MDC Live Arts Wants To Know How Children Envision Miami In 2050

MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance 2020 artist-in-residence Sandra Portal-Andreu is collecting interviews and drawings for her latest work with the ECOCultura initiative. 

The interactive showcase aims to display how the youth envision the city of Miami in the year 2050. It will be showcased in April 2021.

All children between the ages of 8-17 who live in Miami-Dade County are encouraged to participate. Submissions can be sent to

“My goal of the project is to highlight their voices, give them a platform to speak, and give them the microphone,” Portal-Andreu said. “It is a postcard to our community leaders so that they understand the concerns and the worries of the people that can’t necessarily make those changes.”

Portal-Andreu has taught theatre at the New World School of the Arts for 17 years. She also serves as the director of Project Art, a non-profit organization that provides the youth an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

She earned an associate’s degree in dance from NWSA in 2000. Two years later, Portal-Andreu graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in dance and a minor in communications. In 2007, she earned a master’s degree in movement sciences from Barry University.