MDC Hoops Hopefuls

The Miami Dade College’s men’s basketball team held open tryouts on  Aug. 31 in the gymnasium at Kendall Campus. It featured more than 30 hopefuls looking to join the team.

Students in attendance were split into groups of five and played against each other in a series of scrimmages while the assistant basketball coaches observed.

In order to try out, participants had to meet the following requirements: students must have 12 credits for the fall semester (and maintain 12 credits at all times), a physical exam that cannot be older than one year, and general insurance.

Players will be notified by the coaches if they made the team.

Students playing basketball at tryouts.
Taking It To The Hole: Gregory Montague, a computer engineering major, drives to the hoop during a five-on-five scrimmage.
Students at basketball tryouts.
Protect The Rock: Luis Rivera (center), an accounting major, tries to protect the ball from Dennis Derisme (left) and another student.
At the tryout for men's basketball team at MDC.
Fast Break: Jason Cassagnol, a business administration major, brings the ball up the court during a five-on-five scrimmage.
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Peter Carrera

Peter Carrera, 21, is an English/Literature major at North Campus. Carrera, a 2014 graduate of Edison Private School, will serve as sports editor for The Reporter during the 2015-2016 school year. He aspires to cover sports for a major sports news outlet in the future.