Marta Magellan Awarded The 2013 Distinguished Adviser Award By The College Media Association

Headshot of Marta Magellan.

Marta Magellan, the adviser to Miambiance, the literary magazine at Kendall Campus, was awarded the 2013 Distinguished Adviser Award for four-year colleges in the magazine category by the College Media Association.

Magellan, who has advised Miambiance since 2001, was honored at the Associated Collegiate Press convention in New Orleans on October 26.

The Distinguished Adviser Award, a national distinction, is given to an adviser who has demonstrated excellent service in a particular category.

During her career at Miami Dade College, Magellan has taught College Prep at the North Campus and ESL at the Inter-American Campus. In 1988, she joined the English & Communications Department at Kendall Campus.  

Magellan, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been the recipient of three Endowed Teaching Chair Awards while at MDC.