MALLs To Unveil Outdoor Studio Dedicated To The Arts

North Campus will unveil an outdoor studio for the performing arts on Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. on the east side of building 5.

The project, made possible through the Multidisciplinary Academic Learning Lounges grant, will feature a small outdoor theater with a raised stage platform. It will be used by the arts and philosophy department to host  visual and performing arts events and artists looking to play music, draw, recite poetry, dance and act.

“The purpose of the space is to have an open area where students can come and enjoy together visual and performing arts regardless of their pathway,” said Evelyn Rodriguez, director of MALLs. “Our North Campus students are talented in so many ways that this gives them an opportunity to express themselves during the times that they are not in class. It also gives an opportunity for all type of classes to engage in a new space.”

Paying for the project is a $2 million Title V grant the Department of Education awarded to the North Campus and the Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center. The grant must be used throughout the next five years. The funds pay for construction of the three lounges, staffing and MALLs programs.

The first lounge, dubbed the Hub, is located in Room 1164 in the heart of the 1000 building. It is the size of a typical classroom and features sleek study areas, quiet rooms and large whiteboards to promote student collaboration.  A third lounge will be built at the Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center.

“Each one of the three lounges the grant is funding is distinct to meet the needs of our students. The Hub Lounge allows students to collaborate on assignments, study and network with other students. The Outdoor Studio is where creativity is explored through the arts,” Rodriguez said. “The last lounge, which will be built at EEC, will be classrooms during the day and then flipped into the Innovation Lounge. Innovation gives the students at EEC the same opportunities as the Hub but it also allows students to work entrepreneurship initiatives.”

For more information, contact MALLs at (305) 237-1797 or at