Kendall Campus Student Wins SFEFCU Art Contest Benefiting MDC Food Pantry

Kendall Campus student Ana Vergara won a $500 scholarship from the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union for winning first-place in an art contest that will benefit the Miami Dade College Food Pantries.

Vergara, 20, created a shirt that features clutching dominoes with the inscription “My305” below it. The shirt will be available for purchase at any SFEFCU branch and at MDC Food Pantries. Each shirt will cost $10. 

“I did not want to show something people already automatically think of when they hear Miami,” Vergara said. “Instead, I wanted to show something equally as important to our culture, but not as celebrated in the media as it should be.”

The MDC Food Pantries are available at all eight campuses. Individual hours and locations are available at

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