Kendall Campus Aquatic Center Gets Facelift

The 44-year-old pool at Kendall Campus is undergoing a restoration project that will completely renovate all aspects of the pool and dive well.

“There had been a number of systems and equipment challenges and failures with the pool that required constant repair,” said Brian Stokes, Senior Director of Campus Administration.

Stokes said the pool has been in dire need of repair. The construction of the pool began on Feb. 16. The facility is used by MDC students, local high school swim-teams and aquatic-related classes offered through the School of Continuing Education and Professional Development. Kendall and North are the only MDC Campuses with aquatic centers.

Before construction, the Aquatic Center offered a variety of classes for children and adults in the community. Private classes started at $88. Summer camps instructed campers on aquatic skills in the facility.

During the fall semester the pool was open 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the week.

“I’ve never been to the pool because it looks very old and dirty,” said Danielle Steingold, an art major at Kendall Campus. “Now that they are renovating it, it will be more appealing to people and it might attract more students.”

Prior to construction, the pool had a number of systems and equipment challenges. Stokes said these failures required constant repair, which made it hazardous for swimmers. The renovation will address all of the issues and bring the pool up to modern standards.

“The renovation of the Kendall Campus pool includes the complete overhaul of the main pool and dive well, together with the associated replacement and installation of pump room electrical and mechanical equipment, deck and pool support equipment,” Stokes said.

More than $1.4 million were approved for renovations to the pool.

Stokes said the actual completion date of the pool will depend on whether or not all lead-purchase items arrive and are installed on time as well as if the contractor does not run into any unforeseen complications.

“It is anticipated that the pool will be reopened after May 29  after all inspections are completed and passed,” Stokes said.

Nicolette Perdomo

Nicolette Perdomo, 19, is a Mass Communications/Journalism major in the Honors College at Kendall Campus. She will serve as Editor-In-Chief/Briefing Editor for the summer 2015 issue. During the 2015-2016 school year, Perdomo served as staff writer for The Reporter.Perdomo was home schooled and earned her high school diploma in 2013. She aspires to become a broadcast journalist.

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