ISIS Bombings In Lebanon Ignored by The World

On the night of Nov. 6, Paris became the epicenter of violent attacks perpetrated by the terrorist group, ISIS, leaving at least 129 people dead.

The events were followed by intense around-the-clock media coverage on all communication mediums. Facebook immediately implemented their “safe-check” capability which allows users in certain areas to notify their friends about their safety. The resource is implemented during natural catastrophes or tragedies like the one that happened in Paris.

The news and media coverage of the catastrophe was hard to miss.

People across the world sent messages of support and condolences to the citizens of Paris and those affected by the attacks. Users on Facebook were given the opportunity to show their sympathy with Parisians by adding a French flag filter to their profile photo.

Monuments around the world were lit up in the colors of the French flag to show solidarity with the victims in Paris. Miami Dade College added itself to the list by illuminating the Freedom Tower in Downtown, Miami, also in the colors of the French flag.

I commend the actions taken by the College and its decision to partake in this international demonstration of solidarity. However, MDC, as did most of the world, failed to acknowledge the bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, just a day before the tragedy in Paris.

Two bombs were detonated by suicide bombers in the city of Beirut, about 2,000 miles southeast of Paris, killing more than 40 people.

This goes to show the double standard in the solidarity spectrum — where some lives are mourned more than others.

Most people didn’t hear about the bombings in Lebanon. There was very few media coverage, or no signs of solidarity or compassion.

Perhaps we live in a world where people mourn the deaths of Western societies but fail to acknowledge those in the Arab world.

The aftermath of the attacks in Paris prompted hateful statements from public figures, and regular citizens alike, that are using this opportunity to spread fear and bigotry. Several states in the U.S. wrote to President Barack Obama rejecting Syrian refugees into their states.

Overnight, Syrian refugees are being blamed for the atrocities committed by a group of terrorists. And this is a major pitfall for the safety of those seeking asylum because they are escaping the same enemy, ISIS.

I wait for the day the world issues a statement in solidarity with the victims in Syria, Iraq and other countries affected by the terrorist group ISIS — places where the victims are not predominantly white.

Brayan Vazquez

Brayan Vazquez, 20, is computer science and computer network major at North Campus. Vazquez will serve as a forum writer and photographer for The Reporter during the 2014-2015 school year. He aspires to be a tech-based entrepreneur and revolutionize the way kids learn in this new technological era.