The Importance Of Thinking Critically Before We Speak

Our world is becoming more complicated each day. Each decision we make, both as individuals and as a country, gets criticized and sparks debate.

Something I have noticed, now more than ever, is how hostile opposing sides can be. There were many cases throughout the presidential election last year that showcased this.

Hillary Clinton supporters would label every Donald Trump supporter as a racist or misogynist. What was so absurd about that is making an offensive generalization of people they have not even met or talked to.

A big concern I have that is very common in our country is how little we think rationally about something and just jump to a conclusion to fit what we want to believe.

So let’s say I believe we should tighten our borders and someone disagrees with me: I would jump to a conclusion and assume that person is an illegal immigrant taking advantage of our government to get money without doing anything.

In reality, that person could very well be an immigrant, but not necessarily be here illegally, and most likely working hard at improving his or her life just like I am.

Our country is made up of immigrants. There are countless reasons someone could support a cause and countless others to be against a cause. I can’t just belittle their opinion because it opposes my own, and that is a reality I have to accept.

It’s part of the concept of critical thinking, and it is an extremely valuable ability to have. Basically, when you think about a topic, especially political issues and world issues, it is crucial to consider multiple perspectives.

This is not to say that you can’t have your own viewpoint that you support or believe in, but more so to acknowledge and accept that others will not share your stance and accept it.

Being able to do that alone makes you a much stronger individual because you can understand others regardless of their beliefs, and you are capable of finding a way to help them with whatever they may need help in.

My concern is that so many of our leaders do not care for this. They have a narrow focus and only want to work with small subgroups of our society. Then, the people who support them share this narrow focus as well even if they are not part of that subgroup.

It frustrates me how people can support a leader who, in all likelihood, will not do anything to help their lives. I believe in our country and our people when it comes to doing what is right and, even though we are in a difficult place, we faced tough challenges throughout our history and we always came through.

Now, it is our opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world. Critical thinking is the most important step.