Ice Cream Lovers Will Melt For Dasher & Crank

Dasher & Crank is the latest buzz in the ice cream business in town. 

Living by its slogan “life is short, eat ice cream,” the shop, located at 2211 N.W. 2nd Ave., is a pastel-lovers delight. It’s sure to attract customers who want to hang out with friends, take pictures and live in the moment. 

Displays in Dasher & Crank.
Tea Time: Dasher & Crank displays light blue colored jars filled with matcha tea that are available for sell at the shop.

The ice cream shop provides a colorful array of ice cream flavors each week. It has created more than 225 flavors since it opened, displaying 17 of them every week. 

“They have unique flavors of ice cream you can’t get anywhere else,” said Sabrina Noel, a first-time customer at Dasher & Crank. “Their strawberry cream cheese with guava jelly ice cream was to die for. I definitely plan on visiting again soon and maybe this time bring even a few more friends.”

Dasher & Crank is decorated with pastel-colored walls and a staircase with their brand logo on it. Customers usually like to take pictures at the pretty scene. 

“[The environment and atmosphere are] loving and family-oriented, and also Instagramable for other people,” Chris Smith, a general manager at Dasher & Crank, said.  

Adding to the beautiful scenery is the friendliness of staff members, who make the experience at the shop even more enjoyable. But what really brings the most attention to Dasher & Crank customers are the unique names and colors of the ice creams. 

The names of flavors are locally inspired by childhood memories in the area with each ice cream representing a specific moment or location. Names like Ube, Salty Beach, Coco Mocha Chip, Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbet and Lemon Speculoos stand out from their menu because of their popularity.

You can get two scoops of ice cream cup at Dasher & Crank for about $10. They also have plenty of samples in case you are indecisive. The menu also includes vegan options.

For Smith, seeing customers come over and try their different options from their menu is an enjoyable part of his job. The extensive array of options and sample-offering helps indecisive people choose the flavor that fits them best.

While already a popular place, Dasher & Crank opened back in April 2018. 

It has since attracted locals, tourists and foreigners who are curious about their unique-flavored ice creams. Reviews for the shop are impressive, with a 4.7 rating on Google Reviews coming from all kinds of customers. 

Clients visiting the shop vary throughout the year.  

“From the beginning of April to the end of October there’s locals, and from the beginning of October to the end of April we have tourists and foreigners,” Smith said. 

The shop also offers catering for events and parties locally to everyone, with their contact information being listed on its website.

With its colorful design and unique flavors, Dasher & Crank is definitely a place that ice cream lovers should check out.