I Deactivated All My Social Media, Here’s Why

I deactivated my social media. I no longer browse through Instagram or scroll through Twitter and I can’t take a quick Snap.

Much of our generation’s existence revolves around social media. Our laughter and pain stems from people who relate to the same things we do.

Social media is our way of displaying the things we care about and the things we disagree with on a medium where other people can agree or disagree. Social media is used for marketing a brand and starting a business. It’s a perfect way to network and allow people to know what’s going on in our personal or business life. It’s also where a lot of our generation’s depression stems from. Our entire lives are focused on a tiny screen where hundreds, even thousands, of people are telling us how to live our lives.

We post so much of our lives on social media that people with intentions to bring us down begin to tear us down.

Being in college made social media even more of an obstacle in my life. As I embarked on a new chapter and gained my “freshman 15” (the 15 pounds college students are said to gain during their first year), I began to notice that college itself is challenging and that, although being smart is helpful in college, you also need to be mentally strong. College is hard and the only thing that has kept me from sinking is remembering my goals.

When I posted pictures on social media, I was faced with negative comments about my weight and I began to doubt myself. I started posting less pictures because I didn’t want people to see my fat face or chubby fingers.

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing models making tons of money selling  “flat tummy tea” while I felt insecure about my body made me rethink the purpose of college. “Maybe it’s not for me,” I told myself. Most of the college students I have spoken to feel the same way about social media. Many of them are discouraged and depressed because of the stress they feel when they see people on social media become famous for doing nothing while they struggle to earn a degree.

Social media made me crave things that were unattainable. I love my figure and I never want to be anyone else. Social media only increased my anxiety. Too often, we think  we are failures if we don’t have everything together at 20. Too often, we miss out on valuable experiences in our 20s, because we are glued to our phones trying to perfect a life that is not the life we deserve.

College, and life, is filled with experiences and mistakes. But sometimes we find ourselves posting about a moment on social media, not living that moment. Never forget who you are and what you enjoy, because social media will never agree with you on who you should be. That’s for you to find out.

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