Holding On To Youth As Time Fades

Captivating you with the innocence and enjoyment of childhood in the 1980s, Forever Young (Héroes) is a tearjerker taken to it’s maximum potential.

This light-hearted drama is the journey of a young publicist named Sala (Àlex Brendemühl) after he picks up a female hitchhiker, Cristina (Eva Santolaria), and is reminded of the long-lost days of his childhood.

A long, cascading trip down memory lane to what was the best summer of their lives causes Sala to remember the happiness he once enjoyed.

Director Pau Freixas tells the story about a tight-knit group of preteens in the midst of their experiences with playing, breaking rules and getting bullied.

Meanwhile, Xavi (Ferran Rull), the protagonist of the motley crew, is struggling to find acceptance toward his new, disciplinarian step-dad.

When the gang is struck with a sudden tragedy, this film rapidly becomes heart-wrenching and will quickly have you lost in a sea of tears.

The light, almost sepia tone of the visuals evoke the warmth of summertime while the young cast delivers an excellent performance, succeeding in making you fall in love with each of them.

As the last scene of the film plays, Alphaville’s “Forever Young” is appropriately cued.

Winner of the Audience Award at the 2010 Malaga Film Festival, this film is a feel-good must-see.

FOREVER YOUNG (HéROES)—Directed by Pau Freixas—Starring Àlex Brendemühl, Eva Santolaria, and Ferran Rull—105 minutes

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