History Runs Through Churchill’s Pub

Mysterious, free spirited and possessing a vintage aesthetic rarely seen in other parts of Miami, Churchill’s Pub is a venue like none other.

Located at 5501 N.E. 2nd Ave., Churchill’s Pub is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The old pub was bought by English businessman Dave Daniels in 1979, who renamed the original Charlie and Harriet’s after former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It’s known for its diverse audience and a weekly variety of music. Ranging from jazz, reggae, hip-hop, punk rock, heavy metal and other forms of art such as spoken word poetry and stand-up comedy, artists of all backgrounds are welcome to show off their talents. The entrance fee is usually $20 or less, with the allowed age being 21 and over. 

“From a performer’s perspective, Churchill’s is a rare breed of venue that possesses excellent stage sizing alongside high quality sound and good quality lighting,” said Andres Hodgson, lead guitarist for local heavy metal band Maedusa. “It comes as no surprise that not only do seasoned local musicians continually perform there, but younger artists strive to perform there as well.” Maedusa has played at Churchill’s Pub almost ten times since 2015. 

According to their website, past performers include Marilyn Manson, Social Distortion, The Mavericks, Dick Dale, Agent Orange, Michale Graves and Iggy Pop. Churchill’s Pub has been a place of opportunity for many artists, despite its old age and history of being a senior citizen’s bar before becoming what it is today.

Catering to an audience of old and young people, some would even say that there is a sense of unity at Churchill’s Pub. 

“I think it’s a little rough around the edges atmosphere wise. Aesthetic’s a little rundown, but you can see the history on the walls and I think there’s a little piece of everything for everyone there,” said Daniel Martinez, a student at MDC. “They invite young artists to just get themselves out there, invite them into a tight knit community where maybe they can also meet other people too and branch out from there. Community is everything with Churchill’s and I think that’s part of the charm of performing there.”

Churchill’s Pub was sold to a new owner in 2014, though still maintains its live shows seven nights a week. When asked about her opinion on the pub, “Thundercxnt,” the lead vocalist of local metal band Amenorrhea, said, “I’ve been performing there since 2013, it’s home to me. Even though they did get new owners, the place and crowd has remained the same. [It’s] one of my favorite places to perform.”

Diverse with culture and style, Churchill’s Pub has a strong support system in the Little Haiti community. 

“Churchill’s goes perfect in that area,” said Amalia Batista, a longtime fan of their metal shows. “It’s like a little gem. Sometimes they even have free shows for everyone to go to. You don’t necessarily have to pay all the time to go there and enjoy some music, and socialize with people.”