Heart of the Vet-Tech Program Passes Away

Photo of Dr. Lois Sargent
Dr. Lois Sargent

Dr. Lois Sargent, a doctor of veterinary medicine, passed away on January 15 after a battle with non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. For the past ten years she served as a faculty member and as program coordinator in the Veterinary Technology program in the School of Health Sciences at Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus.

“I hope that her positivity and free-spirited approach to keeping everyone confident and happy throughout the program continues,” said veterinary technology student Alyssa Alvarez.

Sargent, 58, was a MDCalumnus, earning her associate degree in Medical Technology in 1980. She then transferred to the University of Florida, where she graduated with a bachelor’s in biology and a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine.

As program coordinator and one of the few professors in the curriculum, Sargent was widely considered an integral part of the program. She taught multiple courses, including pharmacology for the veterinary technician, clinical experience II, and small animal nursing II.

“She was the program,” said student Alfonso Rotundo. “It was her who made all the courses and fixed the curriculum. It wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for her.”

Rotundo attributes his commitment to veterinary studies to Sargent’s encouragement.

Students praised Sargent for her approachability, warm presence, compassion, and intelligence. She is remembered as a professor who readily made herself available and frequently shared jokes to lighten the mood and create a fun environment.

“She was very lovable,” said her daughter Ashley Sargent.

Outside of the classroom, Sargent practiced her love for animals by working in two animal hospitals: the Tropical Park Animal Hospital and the Knowles Animal Hospital. She owned multiple pets. At the time of her passing, she owned four dogs, two cats, and five birds.

“She could not understand how people could abuse or mistreat animals,” Ashley Sargent said. “She wanted to help animals in need and decided to do anything in her power to do so.”

The veterinary technician club plans to place a plaque at the Medical Campus in memory and thanks for Sargent’s service to the College.

The Chairperson of the School of Health Sciences, Richard D. Prentiss, is initiating a scholarship in Sargent’s name for the college’s Veterinary Technology program.

“I want people to remember her as the most compassionate person out there,” Ashley Sargent said. “She was compassionate toward  animals and people.”

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