From Left To Right, All Views Deserve A Voice

I am the product of two immigrants who left a country where their voices were silenced and freedom of speech was literally non-existent. Because of this, I was taught to exercise my rights and share my opinions—especially political ones. Being on a college campus daily has exposed me to the clear flaws in how political ideologies are voiced.

For months now, but more so recently, I have become frustrated with the political spectrum on college campuses. It is no secret that most, if not all, political attention on campus is geared toward Democratic candidates and very liberal points of view. I have no issue with others’ opinions, no matter how radical they may seem to me or how opposite they are to mine. 

However, my frustration comes from a place of feeling misunderstood. Why is it that on college campuses, right-wing ideas are not talked about? And the few times they are, why is it solely in a negative light? Why is the right continuously portrayed as purely evil and immoral while the left is placed on a pedestal of near-perfect ideology?

Students and staff seem to glorify the left and only the left—with some professors even claiming that being a Hispanic person who votes Republican automatically places you on the “wrong” side. 

I am sure several students would turn their head at this claim, considering it was factually incorrect and there is no determinant “right” or “wrong” side of politics. No matter what subject they are teaching, many professors seem to take any chance they get to make a belittling remark about Republicans and right-wing politics. 

When only the left side is talked about positively and remains unquestioned, it is inevitable for those on the right to feel invisible. As a result of this, stereotypes and a stigma has formed around being a vocal Republican on a college campus. Students may find it difficult to find others who support their right-wing political ideals, considering most students are following the liberal agenda. Those few who are vocal may experience harassment and threats to some extent—albeit nonviolent. 

Let’s just say that if a conservative student decides to walk around any college campus wearing a MAGA hat, they should probably mentally prepare themselves for a never-ending catalog of nasty stares and snarky remarks…all for expressing their opinion.

As a political moderate, I hope others do not misinterpret my statements. Neither side of politics is definitively right, wrong, good or bad, and especially not perfect; nor should either side be glorified over the other in any way. The right, left, and everything in between, should be talked about fairly and factually, so that everyone feels represented and students can choose where they truly stand on the political spectrum.