From Cuba, With Love

Clouds above the Cuban countryside.
Cotton Candy Sky: A puffy cloud hovers over Camagüey, Cuba during a sunny day.

Last month I went to Camagüey, Cuba with my family for a weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday in the city he was born and raised.  After landing at Ignacio Agramonte International Airport, we drove in a private  car,  owned by a local resident who makes money on the side by renting it to tourists. We stayed in the Gran Hotel in the middle of the city. We struggled to exchange our U.S. dollars to Cuban pesos. We finally found an ATM after driving for hours down a thin, dark road.

After a day of pool celebrations in the hot weather, we finally sang Happy Birthday to my father on Sept. 25  at 2 a.m. in a park plaza.

Traveling to Cuba with my film camera was a hassle. Airport security wiped down the film with a small piece of paper to check for radiation signals in both airports; the film can’t go through the X-ray because it gets ruined.

Yet, it was worth it.

Visiting family in Cuba is always an exciting experience, but this time I was also able to capture the charm of the island through the lens of my Canon 5DS R. Here are some of the photos I took.

A dog on top of a roof.
Top Dawg: A dog hangs out on the roof of a house in Camagüey, Cuba.
A pig farmer cutting some green plantains to give to his pigs.
You Need To Cut It: A farmer in Florida, Cuba cuts green plantains to feed pigs in a family friend’s backyard in a makeshift pig pen.
A man carrying a newly bought mattress to his home.
Mattress Man: A man walks through the boulevard in Camagüey, Cuba with what seems to be a newly bought mattress hung over his head.


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